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Quality Landscaping - Orrstown, PA




Quality Landscaping - Orrstown, PA




Welcome to Lauver's Landscaping serving Shippensburg, PA!

We go the extra mile, to keep you in style.

Family Owned & Operated

Lauver's Landscaping was originally started back in 2007 by Arlin Lauver. He bootstrapped this business to what it is today from his start at 17 years old. Lauver's Landscaping model is going the extra mile to keep you in style. For them it's all about the customer. Our goal is to keep your place looking exactly like you want it, without you having to do it.

Mulching, Hardscaping, Etc

When it comes to what we can do, don't worry. We can and do most of the aspects of landscaping. We can handle anything from your front flower bed that needs mulching, to your dream of a backyard patio where you host your Friday evening friends. Or a tree that needs trimming to improve your front lawn. You have the projects, it's our job and privilege to make those dreams come true.

Schedule to Work With Us

We keep our schedule packed with many customers and clients each week and year. But, we always have time for you. If you have not had us working in your property or your place of residence we are excited to hear from you. Please give us a call or schedule a free estimate above so we can come out and see what needs done. We can't wait to hear from you.

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Family Owned and Operated -- Lauver's Landscaping

Family Oriented

Integrity Based

Customer First

Top Quality

Quality Service - Customer Satisfaction

At Lauver's Landscaping, we are dedicated to providing the highest standards in landscaping work. We’ll treat your place like it was our own. You could say, we treat you like family. We take pride in our customer service. Lauver's Landscaping goes above and beyond for all its customers, always meeting and doing our best to exceed your expectations. We understand how important it is to have your landscaping done right. Something that you're proud of and want to have your friends and family see. That’s why we stress our high quality work and always strive to build lasting relations with our clients. Our crews care about you and your property. We will take any issue personally, and make sure we don’t waste any of your time or money. Landscaping is a passion of ours and, we continue to build our reputation on quality and trust.

Guaranteed Work

We stand behind all of our work. We do a job, we stand behind it. Our motto is that if we wouldn't be happy with it ourselves, then we won't pass that along to our customers. For us it's about building long term connections and relationships here in the community. We understand the importance of having a landscaping company you can trust for ALL your needs. We strive to be that for every one of our clients. Whether you have been with us since the beginning or you haven't used us yet our goal is to make you feel like you have been here forever. Guaranteed work. We offer FREE estimates before we do any work if you desire that.

Located in Orrstown

Located to serve you best right in Orrstown, PA. We are just outside of Shippensburg and happy to serve you, whether you live in Orrstown, Newburg, Shippensburg or Chambersburg. You need us, we are there.

6057 Orrstown Rd, Orrstown, PA 17244, USA

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